Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Magnificent Seven

Back in May, I challenged myself to make a pair of mittens a month (in between everything else) for the Cheyenne River (Lakota Sioux) Reservation, located in South Dakota. Winters are rough on the Northern Plains and hands (and heads) get cold. Since I'm not especially fond of making mittens, I felt that making a public pledge would insure that I got them done.

Well, I did it! And with nearly 2 month to spare!

One of the new patterns that I tried (and will be using again and again, I think) is
Mariella's Magnificent 3-hour Mittens (3M) . It's my name for them, and it really fits! The 3 hours (yes, I timed it) was for the knitting in a child size. Add about 30 minutes for sewing up the seams. Larger sizes will take more time and more yarn.

I used about 2 ounces of Bernat Aspen in Violet Meadows. Aspen is a wool/acrylic blend, worsted weight, nice to work with and (sadly) no longer available. I've used a lot of this in this colorway to make mittens and slippers. I have about enough left for ribbing on a small hat or pair of mittens.

This afternoon, I speak at the opening of a fundraising walk for our local emergency food pantry. The need for services has grown a lot in the past year or so, I hope they have a successful walk. Relief efforts for the big disasters (December's Tsunami in Asia, August and September hurricanes here in the U.S.) have really cause funding for agencies helping folks right in our hometowns to dip. Please don't forget your needy neighbors.


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