Thursday, October 20, 2005


Cody who-has-no-blog (right, Cody) sent me two of the sweetest baby surprise sweaters, a pair of booties, and these completely adorable sockies (that's a U.S. quarter for size comparison) to send off to the reservation with my next load (working on a little sweater myself). They are made from self-patterning sock yarn which really looks different at this scale.

So cute. Thank you, Cody!

Ha! Made a few readers do a double take!

And just so that no one mistakes me for Martha, I'm putting up this picture. I changed the sheets on our bed last Sunday. I took this picture about 2 hours ago (yes, it is Thursday, why do you ask?)

It would seem that I am the only one that has noticed that there's a pile of dirty sheets on the floor.

I do, so need a weekend. Three day one (self-imposed) coming up in less than 24 hours! Woo hoo!
i won't show you the pile of shirts that still needs washed, or the load in the dryer that needs to be fluffed, or the load in the basket that needs to be folded. or the halloween costumes that need to be sewn, or the baby blanket that needs to be knitted, or the baby set that needs to be knitted as well. oy, now i'm tired. i'm going to bed
Weekend? What is this weekend of which you speak?

Enjoy it!
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