Saturday, September 03, 2005

September Affair

I seem to have picked up my annual end-of-summer crud. It's related (I think) to ragweed season which started right on time (August 15). Sniffles and sneezes lead to post-nasal crap that eventually leads to a racking chesty cough and a lost voice. Yep, right on time.

I've been fielding calls left and right at work about what to do and how to help victims of Katrina. I've suggested that they "write a check and mail it, go on-line and donate." Good folks have been sending and bringing in donations that we have been forwarding to America's Second Harvest . It's what's needed right at the moment. The call for material "goods" will be coming soon, and has already started in some areas.

I never cease to be amazed at the generosity of those with little to give! Our food bank administers a nutrition program for the very low-income elderly people in our area. (For those who care, it's the Commodity Supplemental Food Program .) The people who participate at one of the "senior hi-rises" called yesterday and volunteered their September food boxes! At another of the hi-rises, the participants and other residents are having a "bedding" (sheets, blankets) drive. This from people who are all over 60 and whose average income is somewhere around $650 a month! Amazing! (And just for the record, the seniors' boxes are safe.)

For some thoughts on the Crescent City by someone who's only dreamed of being there, visit my good friend Rabbitch . Janice, New Orleans was everything you dreamed, and more. I visited that city only once. A long time ago. The Other Half was attending a conference, so I and one of the other wives explored the French Quarter for two days on our own during the daytime, and the Other Half and I explored the night life after dark. It was old, beautiful, architecturally unique. Now it's (probably) gone.

And on a related note, the Kid is spending the weekend at Red Cross training. He's still negotiating with his boss, but it looks like he may be vacationing on the Gulf Coast. Keep a good thought, please.

September Check-in

Not much in WIP pile this month. I'm making some progress on the shrug:

I'm nearly at the point where I'll start decreasing, then join the row ends to start forming the sleeve, so let's call it 1/4 done. There's a 40 row X 19-31 stitch chart with constant increases and decreases. No chance for memorizing that puppy!

I'm finishing up the last of the squares that were sent to me over a year ago for joining into blankets/laprobes/afghans for residents at Cheyenne River Reservation:

Just edging them with a common color and whip-stitching them together. This one wiill be edged with black. It's the last of the squares and will be a challenge to arrange "artistically." I'll keep you posted!

I've lost track of how many of these I've made (8? 9?) already. I just couldn't get motivated on the last couple until our group got a request for assistance from the Child Protective Services worker. CPS is responsible for the fostercare program on the reservation. Children being placed often have nothing but the clothes on their backs. And they are often placed with families that have barely enough to make ends meet (or not). Another incredible example of people with very little giving to those with even less. Damn! Why can't we all be like that?

And now for your viewing pleasure:

A few of the tools of my trade. First up:

A nifty clear plastic barrel bag that's a great project bag. It came with a Martha Stewart fleece blanket inside. It closes with a zipper, has a handle, and a little pocket on the inside that once held the package label, but is perfect for a (fair use) copy ofthe WIP pattern. Cost: $0.00

"Throw away" scissors from the Dollar Tree. They come in a couple of sizes and lots of colors, are sharp enough to cut through flesh when they are new (ask me how I know this!), and at a buck a pair, can be tossed without guilt when they get dull. (I save my Fiskars for fabric!)

Wine glass tag. Useful as a stitch marker for fat needles. This one is part of a 6/$1 set from the "Tree." Shown on a size 15.

Notions pouches. The Celestial Seasonings tin (left) one was free with purchase. The woven one (right) is from Guatemala by way of UNICEF. I think it was about $5. Definitely less than $10, handmade, and supporting a good cause.

Later today, we'll be traveling to the fairgrounds to see how well I did. It's our day to see the Fudge Man and indulge in a once a year treat. I'm taking the camera. Film at 11.


I seem to be sharing the same symptoms - started with a runny nose, now post nasal drip which results in tickly throat and nagging cough.
Has to be the allergies!

Seems we both use those Altoid type tins for notions. They work well when travelling too.
I hate allergies!!

And just cause I read your blog, you've been tagged!
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