Sunday, September 11, 2005

Looking Forward

I think I may have mentioned the mess-that-is-our-yard in the past. Fifteen years of benign neglect after 35 years of overplanting have taken their toll. It's time to get serious!

I had planned to do a little fall planting today, but instead, attacked a shrub (hey, it deserved it!) :

I reduced it to a quivering pile of yard waste:

The planting of the "hardy" asters waited too long for some.

I think this one may not "bounce back!"

But these:

might survive if my procrastination doesn't kill them first! I have the fall bulb catalogs out too, cosidering what to order for next spring bloom. I'm thinking about "naturalizing" the stupid bank that we can't mow often because of rocks and pitch. Some ground-cover tulips and a bunch of crocuses ought to do the trick.

I got in a little knitting and am nearly finished with the October mittens! So there! (Only one pair to go after these!)

I put in a couple rows on the shrug, too, but it doesn't look enough different to warrant a photo.
Hi Ann!
Looks like you keep very busy! Do you live on the water??? I'm enjoying reading about all of your crafts projects--any chance I could 'commission' something??
Nah, that's the asphalt driveway. But it sure does look like water!
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