Friday, September 30, 2005

Comfort and Joy

It's hard to be far away from home! It's even harder if you are shooting at people who are shooting at you and trying to kill you. And you are young. And possibly away from home for the first time in your life since camp when you were in 5th grade.

And so, a "hug from home" would be a welcome thing. Enter The Ship Project sending handmade Hugs to deployed troops. I am happy to take part. This month, I'm sending 5 hats and 2 pairs of slippers ('cause those berthing areas are cold and those boots might be made for walkin', but it sure is good to take them off at the end of the day!)

The Big Kid is a Reservist and spent some time in the Sandbox back in 2002. He has family. His unit has a very active Family Readiness Group, so he had a lot of support. Not all of the men and women "over there" do. I hope he doesn't have to return, but, well, he knew when he signed up. . .

No matter how you feel about The War, remember the fighting man and woman, far from home. Too damned young! They should be toting teddies, not guns!

(Bears from the Tree, soon to be on their way to my Other Favorite charity: Cheyenne River Reservation.)

And here's something special that I "threw together" for Cheyenne River: 5-Hour baby sweater and leggings. Isn't that just the cutest?? Yeh, I know they prefer neutral. The next one will be! I promise. Maybe something in a bright blue or green. Or a nifty variegated yarn. Something that doesn't scream "I belong on a baby girl, dagnabbit!"

The yarn is Red Heart Super Saver no dye lot (worsted weight) in Bright Pink. It was 77 cents a skein. (I used less than 3, closer to 2 for both pieces.)

The sweater pattern is Carol Anderson's (She's Cottage Creations.) the Infant Hooded Cardigan (sans hood and closed up into a pullover, knit in the round) from More Projects for the Community & Family. It makes up fast on 10.5 needles

The leggings are from an old Paton's booklet Baby, Baby (#612--might still be available as a Beehive pattern). They are made on 3's (the ribbing) and 5's. I modified the waistband to allow for a drawsting rather than the elastic the pattern called foer. Want them to be comfy on the tummy.

It has been a very long day. The week was a bear, too, even though it was only 2 days long. I wonder, when is our next long weekend? Two months off, you say. Oh, damn!
i'm in the yahoo group AC4C, and this coming month's project is ship support. i intend on making hats and slippers too. my brother was in teh Sandbox in 1990/91, and i want to do my part.
What is your favorite slipper pattern for Ships Support? I am stuck making hats, because I havn't found a slipper pattern I like yet.
I like Aunt Alm's dorm Boots (google is your friend, use quotes) and a "bed sock" I sort of developed.

I'll be posting a tutorial forthat as soon as I get the sample going.
I'm pretty sure if you send that to the Rez that there will be at least one girlbaby born within the next couple of months who will appreciate it no end. Or her mother will.

You're fantastic for doing all of this!
I have a few hats to send off on Monday. Going to try to get a few more done tomorrow on the machine.

Haven't tried the slippers yet. That's next.

Please thank your son for me. We appreciate all the troops do for us.
Thanks for your support of the troops. I'm looking forward to your tutorial on the bedsocks. You are right that many of the troops over there are young. My son (active Army) was still 18 when he returned from his first combat tour in Iraq. He has since been to Afghanistan and is soon on his way back to Iraq. (He's 21 now.)
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