Thursday, September 22, 2005


Pretty name (Viennese) , pretty color (cactus) . Pretty well done as of 4 p.m. today!

Obligatory bathroom mirror shot! Over the shoulder! Now the debate: to block or not. The pattern says "lightly;" the alpaca's sayin' "no way!"

I think I may have to test a "hidden" spot with a shot-o-steam. And so I did. Very, very lightly with shot-o-steam and now it's ready to give away.

The pattern called for 880 yards (4 - 220 yard skeins) of Morehouse Farms Merino 2-strand. I estimate that I used a little over 700 yards ofElann's Peruvian Pure Alpaca (6.5 skeins) . I used the recommended needle size (7's for the lace, 4's for the ribbed cuffs) and got a nice fabric and the called-for gauge.

And so, tomorrow, we are off to the last of the wedding festivities--the after-wedding par-tay. On the roof.

The girls went off to the "spa" for the weekend. I am pretty sure that they will have a pleasant time.

Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful job Ann.

Have a wonderful time.
It's beautiful!
very pretty!
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