Wednesday, September 28, 2005

All Creatures Great and Small

You change their diet, you up their meds and still you get sore, raw bellies, because, try though you might, you cannot ban dogs from their lives and they still like to lick. And as long as they lick, you get sore, raw bellies. I guess I should be thankful that she can't reach her back, or we'd have a hairless cat!

And I think upping the meds any more than they already are is pretty much out of the question! (Can you say "zombie cat from Hell?" I was pretty sure that you could!) Suggesting to the neighbors that they get rid of their "woofies" is pretty much out of the question, too.

I promised that there would be more about the wedding and here it is (Warning, it's knit related):

I have a Reader! Well, sure, I knew that I have readers, but this one is a Reader! (Hi, LeeAnn --did I spell your name right?)

LeeAnn is an old friend of the Bride (from "down home") and she told me at the party that she's a knitter and she's actually read the drivel that I write here!

Like me, she knits 'in a vacuum' with no nearby face to face knitter-folk. Well it's a vacuum no more! Welcome to my nightmare, er, dream world.

I have about 80 charity projects going at the moment and I promise that there will be photos, just not today.

And the Tree got more bears! Guess I'll be making tiny little sweaters for them.

Ack! I thought it was a picture of a dead rabbit!
Whew.... it was only your poor kitty.
Poor kitty is right! She's off to see TED (The Evil Doctor) soon.

Here's hoping he has another suggestion, 'cause the last 2 haven't done squat!
off topic, but i noticed in your yarn countdown, that it's really going up! seems you suffer from the same disease i have, but i am too afraid to start a running tab on it!
Um, up?

I added in all my big box acK-rilic-just bein' honest-then started deducting again.

(It was a lot worse a couple of weeks ago.)

The cashmere at Smiley's and the camel hail at Elann is singing at me, too.

Must. Be. Strong.
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