Friday, August 05, 2005

Something to Talk About

The lists are all abuzz with a story about a child molestor who was sentenced to crochet. I won't link to any of the stories, because they are readily available.

I was asked by a regular reader for my opinion.

Let me start by saying that I think people who touch little kids, or any other people inappropriately are the scum of the earth and that they should be locked up somewhere that they will never come out of.

Let me further state (despite knowing several fairly well-respected local journalists) that in my opinion, "the media" goes for the sensational (because it's interesting, and it sells), often at the expense of the (often boring) whole truth.

Now, I will go on to say that "community service" is not intended to be imposed as "punishment." It is meant to be restitution to the community at large.

I work a lot with community service volunteers. The tasks that they are assigned are often no more rigorous than the crochet work assigned to the man in question. No one wants to tell their stories because, frankly, they're boring. (Insert visual of grass growing and paint drying.)

The judge who imposed this sentence was privy to a lot more information than was released to the general public. The fact that the victim's family accepted this arrangement should be enough for the rest of us. The media picked up on a "trendy" story. 'nuff said from me. I welcome your comments.

I will now don flameproof undies and stand back.

Well said. If community service was agreed to by the family, you're right - enough for us.

Hope your birthday week has been a good one.
My birthday week has been great!

i think that was an excellent sentence, as long has he's locked up while he's doing it.
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