Monday, August 01, 2005

Sixteen Candles

plus 40.

'nuff said.

Confession time:

It's the first of the month and I dragged out all my WIPs to keep me honest.

Here's the "oddball" afghan, still in progress:

as I expect it will be for a while. It's a pretty simple concept, built on EZ's pi principle, taken to the next step by Tallguy in Alberta. I'll be adding leftovers to it until it's as big as I want. (I'm thinking maybe 40-45" across.)

Next up:

the Christmas doll pairs (for the fair). I've made no progress on the Clauses since I posted the last picture. The snowpeople parts are nearly done (need two more "shoes" knit) and I am (finally) nearly out of the Lion Pound of Love (which is real 100% acraplic). I am eyeing my stash for scarf and hat yarns for them.

The last ones are about as on-the-hoof as they could possibly be:

my child's hat (for the fair), a cute little bucket number with a cabled edge. Pattern here. If you are into spinning and dyeing, noodle around on the site. Lotsa good articles and cute patterns. (Check out the snake! I'm planning it as the encore to last year's alien scarf.)

I need to select patterns and yarn for an ornament, Santa and a Christmas tree ornament. Then my fair entries are done! Good thing, too. I need to turn them in/over in 3 and a half weeks :eep:

This is the only picture you will see of this. It's a secret:

The (discontinued) yarn is merino, silk and cashmere. Yummy and soft.

Happy Birthday, Ann. Don't let the candles burn you :-)
Happy Birthday! Mine is on Wednesday - should have known you were a fellow Leo.

I hope your day has been wonderful.
Happy birthday! I hope you are good to yourself this week ... and your "secret" yarn looks yummy!
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