Monday, August 22, 2005

Risky Business

The are no photos. The reason will become obvious shortly.

The bride was hoping to mix wildflowers with the silk gardenias that she had for her bouquet. So as we each went our merry ways on Saturday (wedding was scheduled for 6) we all kept eyes peeled for suitable bouquet materials.

The Other Half and I were off to some antiqueing (actually, checking prices on things that are similar to our "stuff"--Lord a-mercy, I'd love to be rid of some of this "stuff"). We drove through a section of the Shenandoah National Forest on our way from Sperryville to New Market. There was an abundance of black-eyed Susans along the roadside. Alas, there was no pull-off.

Coming back down the same hill a couple of hours later, the Other Half would slow down at every wide shoulder area, looking for something (anything) suitable, and there it was! Another smallish stand of bright yellow flowers.

So, risking life, limb, and possible imprisonment (national forest, remember?) I hopped over the guiderail, clutching my handy scissors (ready to sacrifice my Dollar Tree throwaways to the cause), and watching for poison ivy, I stepped squarely into a muddy hole, and right on some sort of non-furry animal (can you say "snake, a snake, a s-n-a-k-e?" I was pretty sure you could!)

And the worst part: by the time we got back to the B&B, the pretty yellow flowers were beyond redemption. (Can you say "96 in the shade?")

So, the bride, the bride's mama, the maid of honor and I hopped in the car and trespassed at a "for sale" house down the road a bit and got some Yankee clover, thistles, Queen Anne's lace, some Yarrow and some pretty grasses for the bride and the guys. The maid of honor and I did not commit B&E (we couldn't get the door open).

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