Saturday, August 13, 2005


Rabbitch has asked me to list five idiosyncracies.

Like all the other folks who have played, I am completely normal, so I asked my coworkers: "Do you think I have idiosyncracies?" They are still laughing. I'm afraid to ask my family.

Idiosyncrasy Meme id•i•o•syn•cra•sy - a structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. Write down 5 of your own idiosyncrasies, then if you wish, tag 5 people.

Well, folks, tagging isn't going to happen any time soon, because this one's been going around for a while. Why am I always the last on the list? (Do you think I might be paranoid, or are they actually out to get me?) I think I'll open it up to any reader who hasn't already been tagged, plus Judy! Judy, you can leave your list by clicking on "comments" below and posting anonymously if you want. (Judy is blogless.) We will know who you are! Wayne (also blogless) if you see this, you too!

1. I am always the last to know. Even if I started the rumor.

2. I "save stuff." I am not a packrat. All of the stuff I save will be useful and/or valuable someday. Take, for instance (please, oh please, take it) this July 1, 2005, copy of the Legislative Week in Review (which, folks, is a whole other blog--a really long one) that was the first piece of paper I laid hand on when I turned slightly to my left. Most people would have tossed it immediately. I consider it (on closer inspection) to be blog-fodder! Under it, I found an old Smiley's " wishlist on a scrap of paper. Most of these yarns/colors are long gone from the site. But hey, useful/valuable. The back is still blank. I might use that for future grocery lists or something. I have a whole room full of stuff like that, but I am not a packrat. By the way, small note at the bottom of that scrap indicates that I have 49.5 miles of yarn on 503 balls. See below for an indication of how long that sucker's been buried!

3. I am not in denial. 'nuff said.

4. I hoard books. Books I have read. Books I will never read. Thursday, I dropped an entire trunk-and-backseat load of old books and LPs at the site of a future book sale. Only I can see the dent in the bookcases. I hoard magazines, too, but all of them are crafts-related except the Time and Newsweek issues that are "historic." Not.a.Packrat.

5. I am compulsive about organizing my yarn stash. I have 88.39 pounds of yarn logged into Excel. That's 54.26 miles on 575 separate balls, though there's some green stuff over there [points over left shoulder] that may not yet be logged and some hair of the mo on the way. I have a template for organizing books and 'zines, and I'd like one for needles. If only the rest of my life could be as organized as my yarn collection!

6. No more? What do you mean, no more? This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Okay. Nevermind.

Last night, I finished a very tiny project:

He sure makes Mr. Snow( with buttons!) look huge! But lookie here:

Perspective is everything, isn't it?

And I updated my Yarn Countdown today. erm.

I love your Santa! And no, you don't have any idiosyncrasies. I don't either. We could never live together, could we?
Oh, good grief, Sheep Shots has been spammed!
Well, you got me, Ann, but I gotta tell you: EVERYbody's a pakrat!! Worse case scenario: start telling jokes instead--after all, you CAN spin a good yarn, right?
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