Sunday, August 07, 2005

Losin' It

I had bookmarked a whole bunch of interesting sites to post on a day when there was nothing to post. Do you think I can find them now?

Turn on your sound and prepare to be fascinated! (Do not turn your sound on loud) so other people don't know you are listening to Llama song . Yep, I linked to it after reading about it on the Harlot's blog , though I had seen it before (and watched it, oh, 5, maybe 10 run throughs again. Then I made the Other Half (who has seen it before because I made him watch the first time I found it) watch it again.

. . .half a llama, twice a llama, llama, llama, duck!

Go on, admit you were humming along!

Some weekend progress, though not nearly as much as I'd like:

The oddball afghan is 14" from center to edge (28" across), nearly 400 stitches in each round and getting bigger every 3rd round. The good news is I am in no danger of running out of oddballs. The bad news is, I am "planning" (as in "I need to get these exact yarns in these colors") the next one.

lol, glad to know i'm not the only one propagating the llama llama duck site. i played it for my boys, who just died, and sang llama llama duck for the rest of the day (shades of sherry lewis & lambchop and the neverending song!)
Ever since "Badger, Badger, Mushroom" I've been too afraid to click on song links.

We still sing that one in the car, with my daughter doing the "aaaah! A snaaaaake!" bit.
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