Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Little Romance

I know that a lot of us looked at the Summer 2005 issue of Interweave Knits and wondered "say, what?" at all the shrugs and wrappy things that were in that issue. Frankly, I have too much shelfage to wear anything that accentuates my bustline quite that way!

But there's always an audience, isn't there? I showed the issue to my now daughter-in-law (she wasn't yet at the time). There were several of those little wraps that she liked quite a lot. Heck, she's tall, she's slender. She's got the body!

So, last night, I checked my stash and cast on the Viennese Shrug (p. 40) in Elann Peruvian Collection Pure Alpaca (color cactus--don't even look. It's all gone!) and started:

The color is a grayish celery, sort of neutral without being black.

I have issues with itty bitty graphs, so I blew that sucker up (original on the right) and highighted (in hot pink--the only marker I could find) the three WS rows that are not just purl across (there are two wonky stitches in each pattern repeat):

I can scribble on this to my heart's content, then file it away withthe magazine in case I ever want to do this lacy leaf stitch again.

i don't have ANYBODY tall and waiflike to knit for. my daughter has the same shelfage i do, sigh, and my older daughter is shorter than i am (not that i knit for her often, she isn't speaking to me, and i refuse to make anything for her that she doesn't approve of, first) very nice, i like the color
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