Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Brother, is it hot! When I got in my car this afternoon, the temperature registered 103! Too hot!

I stopped on the way home to mail my monthly package to The Ships Project, but the big news is that Gayle, Candy (and Candy's mother, Lois) and I got together for lunch today.

Left to right: Candy, me, Gayle, Lois

We met through the project. All of us have friends or family who are either currently in The Sandbox (Persian Gulf) or have served there. We are planning another Lehigh Valley get-together for a September (or maybe October) Saturday, possibly involving a yarn crawl, definitely involving dessert!

We are having some landscaping work done (big trees, topped, dead tree removed). When I came home this afternoon, The Quince Bush that has been a thorn (literal and figurative) in my side since we bought this house 16 years ago was gone. Cut off right at ground level. Happy, happy, joy, joy! I have done everything but salt the dirt to get rid of that nasty thing! The tree guys had to remove it to get their chipper truck into the back yard. They thought we'd be upset if they suggested cutting it out! Ha!

I really felt sorry for the guys doing the work. Yeh, that hot!

I finished my hat, child, knit for the fair last night:

Kinda cute for acrylic!

Welcome to another new, non-knitting reader! JRK and I were high school classmates. She's helping plan our reunion!

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