Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back to the Future

This came yesterday:

I finally got a chance to look inside and oh, my eyes, my eyes!

Lots of fat yarn! Including Big, that knits at 5 stitches to 4" (Why?)

Lots of variations on a fur theme:Fancy Fur, Festive Fur, Fun Fetti, Fun Fur.

There's a new 100% wool in 12 colors. The good news is it's wool. The bad news is, it's $8.99 for 158 (solids) or 143 (prints) yards. Sure, it will be discounted everywhere, but can it compete with Brown Sheep? I think not!

And these's a new cashmere blend at $9.99 in the 8 usual colors.

File 13!

Okay my computer crashed, I think it was those pictures.
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