Monday, August 29, 2005

Anything Goes

Bad day. Sore throat. Came home early. Slept. Guy next door came home. Started deconstructing his patio. WTF?? With power tools. Nap ends.

But last night, I finished putting this together:

from squares-by-others that have been on the pool table for far too long. (And I need the pool table to block the hexagonal blankie, soon!)

It still needs about 6 miles of edging of some sort. I'm thinking some sort of stitched on border. I don't think that i-cord is going to do much for it. In any event, I'll be using the raspberry Red Heart (and hopefully, using it up).

I am hereby pledging in a somewhat public forum to swear off 100% ack-rillic. It hurts my hands. It squeaks. It smells weird. No, really. Sniff some wool. Now sniff some acrylic. Notice the difference? Wool smells natural and sheepy. Acrylic smells, well, chemical. I know I've said it before, but this time I really, really, really mean it. No more poly-Esther. No more Ore-lon. No more Ack-Real-ic (because it isn't)!

As soon as I use up the crap I already own. I just checked and the 100% acrylic yarn in my stash makes up 13% of my total yarn (13,230 yards, or 7.5 miles). Blends don't count! I will buy no more petroleum-based yarn!

I see a lot of hats and slippers in my near future!

I did the same thing earlier this year. For the same reasons. Good luck! You will feel so good when you are done :)
I have to agree with you on the acrylic. I'm trying to incorporate charity knitting and giftie knitting into my "snobby" (wool & naturals) knitting to use it up!

I hope you're feeling better today. The blanket is really cool!
Wow, now that is a commitment. Fortunately I have hardly any of it in my stash, I hated it from crocheting with it ages ago. Love the blanket.
I cannot claim the pieces of the blanket as my own. Thety were sent to me for joining. However, I will claim the joining design (and it took forever to get them to all fit)!
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