Friday, July 15, 2005

Two of a Kind

Painful. That's the best way to describe making these $%!*&^ Santas! Two strands of worsted weight acrylic on US 5's and I can barely finish a row! But I have finished one body and I'm s-l-o-w-l-y working my painful way through the second:

In theory, I could finish this weekend--in theory. The biggest issue facing me is that I am too cheap to buy 2 skeins of yarn for this double-stranding which means that I face

Yarn Barf

from stranding from both ends of the skein fairly often, which slows me down even more.

Looking at my list, I still need to make a pair of snowpeople, a Christmas ornament, and one more garment. Plus, of course, finish the Clauses, my sweater, and the stocking.

It's so hot that it's hard to imagine that Christmas will ever come, but it will. Way too soon. And the fair is just 6 weeks away :ack:

Goodness!! Knowing me, I would have cheated. I would have used one strand of bulky or chunky yarn. hehe Then again, I'm the weirdo designing a vest using worsted yarn on US4s. LOL
Working on a bullet proof vest, huh, Becky?
Two stranding is the way to go when you are working from stash and have red and white, and beige (tan) and green Red Heart are available at True Value (no temptation to buy what you do't absolutely "need."
I'm impressed! I always say I'm going to start early, but that's as far as I get. Your stocking in incredible.
Stop and take half-hour or so and wind the yarn into a double-stranded ball. It'll make your knitting life much easier. (said by someone who just finished 3 hats using triple-stranded babyweight yarn)
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