Thursday, July 07, 2005

Milk Money

Have you noticed that infant formula is not available on the shelves of many supermarkets these days?

That's because it's among the most shoplifted items. It's small, it's portable, and it's very, very expensive!

Now, don't get all weepy on me here. We're probably not talking about poor mothers stealing to feed their bambinos. An awful lot of that stolen formula isn't getting into the tummies of hungry babies. Some of the powdered formula is resold, and some is used in the manufacture of street drugs!

Then, there's this old news article from

"LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS. Police arrested a man for allegedly using bogus electronic bar codes to buy expensive infant formula for a cut-rate price, and then, apparently, resold the the formula for a profit.

The suspect was caught by a store detective putting forged bar codes on cans of formula and paying a fraction of the original price at checkout.

A search of the man's truck turned up more than 1,000 cans of infant formula valued at more than $14,000, sales slips for formula from stores in Kentucky and Tennessee and a supply of bar code stickers. "

And this one about women "borrowing" infants to make it possible to smuggle drugs.


Ensure and turkeys (frozen edible birds) have street value as well. At least around here, they can be traded for cash.

Hmmm. Am I in the wrong line of work?

I'm willing to lend you my child, but only if you promise you won't let her lead you astray ...
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