Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lost Weekend

Sometimes I wish I still drank!

This past week (heck, the whole month) has been one enormous blur.

To start with, we work on a July-June fiscal year, so July 1, we started anew. Happy New Year to us! Take inventory (count all half-million or so pounds, why dontcha?), close the books, all in the middle of an early heat wave that threatened to wipe us all out.

Then, when you are done with that, secure bids on a half-dozen or more projects that really need to be completed, oh, about by April (last). Oh, and get three bids each for all of them. Damn!

Top it off with injuries (physical and emotional) at home and at work, throw in a wedding and two ill cats.

And, well. . .

Sparky's belly fur issue has not only not responded to increased anti-depressants, it seems to be getting worse. Do they make Valium in a kitty doseage? And Penny's chronic gastro-intestinal disturbance has worsened in the last couple of weeks.

So, it's off to the vet with both of them. Alone. In the car. Oh, my!

I mailed my fair entry this morning. Only a couple of the things I plan to enter are still in the planning stages, so I think I am way ahead of last year by at least a month.

I still need to weave in the ends on my sweater and sew on the buttons, finish the Clauses, create a pair of snow people, a child's cap, and two Christmas ornaments. Piece of cake!

This afternoon, the Other Half and I trotted off to the Big Box Store where one can find miscellaneous crafts supplies because I discovered that the ten pound box of fiberfill I bought, oh, 15 years ago, was all gone after the first Clause was stuffed. Ten pounds of fiberfill will stuff a lot of bears and rabbits and dolls, but sadly, just a few less than I hoped.

I grabbed up a 22 ounce bag, some yellow perle cotton (for a minor repair) and a pack of earring wires. I toyed briefly with spending many buckos on jewelry findings and plunging headlong into beaded stitch markering, but I restrained myself (Other Half, ya know?).

I couldn't leave without checking out the clearance table though and discovered a pile of these

for a mere $5 (marked down from $29.95!)

For that price, I brought it home without checking inside.

Okay, so there are always surprises, including things that will never be on my needles:

and others that I could pop right onto the needles (in a different color, of course):

and still others with some possibilities:

(Longer, lots longer, and lose the ruffles!)

So, back to work. Or nap?

Dinner, I think.

Yes, they do have valium for cats! They also have other tranqs for them. Ask your vet if your kitty really is in need of them.
Yes, a well-drugged cat is a happy cat. Sometimes.
i have that book myself, and i had forgotten about that darling little pink number. i have a friend who is due in december, and it's a girl, i may just dig that book out and investigate. thanks! good luck on your fair stuff. i was sorely tempted to buy a 5# box of fiberfill @ walmart today, but resisted. no wonder i was thinking about it, i was channeling you, lol.
Sparky's already on 5 mg of Elavil at bedtime. I'm wondering if we aren't talking steroids (again).

High maintenance? Not her!
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