Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Look Who's Laughing

Not me! I cannot find my copy of Interweave Summer '02! I have torn apart the whole house (or at least everywhere I've been since Friday--the last time I can confirm I had it according to this blog). It's nowhere to be found!! And I am ready to start the toe decreases on my stocking :eep:


Personal to the Other Half: Happy birthday, Baby!
I might have it. Let me look when I get home.
How the hell did you get Ann's magazine? Have you been having knitting parties and not inviting me???
She did! And I posted a h-e-l-p note on one of my small lists and got 3 offers of help and have the toe chart in my hot little hand.

I think I'll finish this damnedthing tonight before I lose it again!
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