Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Melody

It's been a rough day for the Brits. Notice that their fearless leader dropped what he was doing (more important than reading a picture book) and returned to the capital. 'nuff said.

I'm making some progress on the Christmas stocking. Could that be because I have no other WIPs currently on the needles?

Here's the cuff and the first repeat (mostly) of the leg:

The eyelet round is where the hem gets turned. I need 9.5 repeats of the leg pattern, then I can do a funky new heel.

I do believe that I will finish everything without having a massive full-court press the last week in August. Which is a good thing. There's a wedding that weekend!

Not only did TB return to the capital, he APPEARED IN PERSON and didn't hide out for days. Imagine! Of course, our fearsome leader had to bluster about the War on Terror. Yeah, we're doing a great job of fighting that...
Your Christmas "thockie" (sorry, couldn't resist) is going to be wonderful. I think the bright white and green will have more pizzazz than the dulled-down version!
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