Sunday, July 17, 2005

In the Heat of the Night

It's hot. Or as Robin Williams said in Good Morning, Vietnam, "damned hot!"

I know that when winter rears its ugly head, I'll be wishing for the warmth, but right now, Not! It's 79 degrees andthe humidity is 89% with intermitent rain, thunder and lightning. Sparky is under the bed (she doesn't like the noise). More of the same is predicted for the rest of the week.

And in knitting news:

I've knitted all the Santa couple parts except their embellishments (her skirt and hat, his beard and hat) and should stuff them tonight. I'm thinking about using "beanies" in their butts so they will stay put where they're put. I'm not ignoring your comment, Leah. I'm nearly finished and kicking myself for not balling the doubles long before I got this far. I usually do that and often suggest it to other knitters.

I've made some progress on the stocking:

I especially like the heel. To me, it looks like a tile. If it were blue, I'd call it delft.

And on a knitting-related note, I made the mistake of expressing my opinion on crafters' terminology.

I saw hand made dishcloths and washcloths refered to as rags once too often. Sorry, folks, but the word "rag" evokes images of torn, tattered undershirts, not a hand crafted piece that I might give as a gift.

And while we're on that subject, I said, let's start using the term "handmade" rather than "homemade," which (again) to me tends to be somewhat derogatory when used to describe knitted goods.

Of course, I have my detractors. But I'm becoming very used to that.

The most recent comment was that "home" made implies that it comes form the heart. Shall we wait until the holidays to hear about how the "carefully crafted" gifts were not given their due by the recipients?

Ahhhh so it was you that got everyone into a tizzy. I swear the ladies on that list just go bonkers over stuff. I see that Erica sent one reminder. I'm sure she will be sending another. LOL I tend to be mostly a lurker on lists. I speak up when I have info to share but otherwise I just soak up other people's info.

The stocking is looking gorgeous. If you keep posting pictures of it, I just may be tempted to give one a try. hehe Stop adding to my WIM list. :P
Yep, that was me.

Personal pet peeve of mine: If you're going to do something, whether it's knitting, plastic canvas work, drawing, writing poetry, be PROUD of it!

I got into another battle over the overuse of the word "simple" to describe projects: simple baby sweater, simple cable, simple scarf. Maybe it's easy, but constntly using that word to describe every single thing cheapens them.
To me, "Homemade" means that it may well look like something your gramma made. While on crack. "Handmade" implies it was crafted carefully by an artisan.

You know what I say: Joke 'em if they can't take a f--- oops. Yeah, the other way around. Although that might be the problem right there.
I agree with you Rabbitch, but sure as shootin' if I posted that, the next comment would be my granma was a beautiful knitter yadda yadda, ad infeinitum.
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