Saturday, July 09, 2005

Drugstore Cowboy

If you read my rant about formula, and if you were wondering why you can't stockpile OTC cold and allergy stuff in one trip to the pharmacy, read this.

The pharmacist is no longer allowed to care that all 6 members of your family are sick as dogs and need serious medication in large quantities. Nope, you can buy only in small amounts and make numerous trips, because someone, somewhere figured out how to "cook" meth from your Sudafed!

And though I shipped off my 9 9" squares to the person who will be joining them, I am hooked! I started 2 more. This one:

It's center out on size 8's (those are the old style Bryspuns) using Red Heart Supersaver. TheLilac is considerably thicker than the Bright Pink, which in turn, feels a whole bunch softer. Go figure. I can't decide if this colorway says "little girl" or "old lady."

The other one is just plain pink. And boring. It's a seed stitch edged stockinette. I planned to put a cabled heart in the center, but I mis-read the chart from here:

You see, I thought (silly me) that the bold lines in the graph delineated 10 stitches. Well, two of them do, but the third (reading left to right) is only 8 stitches wide.

Made sense to someone, I guess. I don't roll well with the punches when I am miles from home and have no other project with me and the Other Half has chosen a more, shall we say, "scenic" route to BJ's?

Let's just say that I don't travel through this part of the city by choice. Keeping my head down and tendin' to my knittin', I was, and in no mood to attempt to rechart anything on the fly!

I'll use the cable. It's a very pretty raised heart. It just won't be in this square! And I have lots of other charted hearts I'll be using in future squares.

waht day was that pattern? i seem to have missed it. i'm making squares for charity as well, and right now the call is for white squares for burial afghans for babies. this would be a nice one (i have the calendar, lol)
You'd think I'd be able to put my hand right on it, wouldn't you?

August 16-17 "Jules." The cabled heart is the hemline trim.
no wonder i haven't seen it yet, lol. i've been so busy, i never got around to looking very far ahead. thanks
Isn't that annoying the drug thing. I was at the store the other day and this very ill elderly man was standing there just trying to buy cold medicine and he had to fill out like 3 forms, give his photo id, etc. It's sad. But I did hear on the news that medicine manufacturers are trying to make it harder for the druggies to make the stuff from their cold medicines, so hopefully this will end soon.
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