Friday, July 29, 2005

Cat People

Sparky and Penny had a joint appointment with"ted" (the evil doctor) this afternoon. Since I was carting them on my own, it took a lot of pre-planning, with me finally harnessing Penny (the little peanut) and putting Sparky (the moose) into the carrier. Needless to say, this was not a good plan, just the plan I chose to follow. Sparky sang along with Pete Seeger the whole way to the vet! On the way home, I jammed them both into the carrier. Crowding be damned! And do you know, neither one made a peep the whole way home! (Note: these are the same cats that will not occupy the same 200 square foot room at the same time!)

Regular readers may surmise that we are cat people in this house. Now, don't get me wrong, we don't hate dogs (or "chick magnets" as the younger members of the family call them) we just prefer cats.

So you'll understand why, when I got to the vets' office with "the girls" today, I was less than thrilled to see the waiting room filled with dogs. Big dogs and little dogs and a couple of puppies that will be the size of ponies by Christmas. Lotsa dogs. Not another cat in sight. Which really is beside the point. We weren't there to socialize.

We had a new vet. Not our regular, or even one of the others that we see from time to time. But he was incredibly thorough and very patient.

It would seem (at least in his opinion, and in the absence of anything to indicate any other cause, and lord knows, he checked enough things!) that both of the cats are suffering from the same problem: food sensitivity.

Sparky's belly licking and fur chewing, the dogs next door, and a change of diet (to a diet cat food) all occured at exactly the same time! :hello!:

Penny has always had a delicate stomach, probably the result of poor kitten nutrition and being semi-feral for 18 months before she was rescued. Her advancing age (Hey! She's the same age in cat years as I am, no, nevermind!) only exacerbated the problem and led to the trip to ted.

So Penny got new food (do not ask how much it costs!) and Sparky's back to her old food (which is a heck of a lot cheaper than the stuff we were buying for her). I guess it balances out.

Everyone's happily back home and I am here to report that Miss Penny ate all her dinner.

I've started another odd ball project. It doesn't look like much right now, but just wait!


I hope all your kitty babies are feeling better. I remember when I would take Calvin and Hobbes for their check-ups, as long as I put their carriers face to face, they would be quiet.

I'm a cat person too, but dogs are good when your husband is allergic. He put up with cats for the 16 years and never complained. I do miss my Hobbes, she was the best.

You have been extremely productive - I wish I could finish the myriad of projects I have going on! I have chronic startitis.
Our vet has separate waiting rooms for cats and dogs. However their office cat hangs out in the dog room - go figure. He has access to either room by jumping the office personnel counters and going through their work space to the other room.

My husband is not a cat person. So of course that cat makes a beeline for him every time we are there! Hee!
Reporting in that no one threw up (including me). Penn got her first medication doses (12 more to go) and drooled only a little.
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