Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Acting On Impulse

I know I said I'm getting rid of ack-real-ick! I know I am phasing out anything that doesn't have at least some natural fiber. But today I stopped at the Second Chance Shoppe. (I am not making this name up! I'll have pictures eventually.) On impulse.

They were having a Bag Sale (all you can stuff in a grocery sack: $4!). I made a bee-line for the kids' clothes (for Cheyenne River) and found 18 brand new t-shirts! That was my bagful, though it wasn't even half full. I couldn't find any other clothing I wanted! But I also found several brand new stuffed animals, and a nearly finished baby blanket (with the needles still in it)

There wasn't any more yarn! and the white Pound Of Love (which it seemed to be) that I have is a different dyelot! The other thing is, the original knitter had real gauge issues. This is worsted weight. Four stitches to the inch. On size 11's (those are they in the foreground). Once I wrestled the stitches off the needle, I frogged several rows and added a border to match the cast on edge, using 10.5's and got a similar gauge. Normally, I'd use nothing larger than about an 8 (and preferably a 7) with yarn like this.

It's a small blankie. 125 stitches across and 3 skeins long. I unknotted the joins and wove the ends in. After a trip through the washer and dryer so it would lose the used stuff store smell, it's a pretty acceptable blanket to wrap an infant up.

I also found:

Lion sport weight (names I don't recognize) and what looks like Red Heart. Probably from the same knitter. Those balls are wound so tight they bounce! I'm rewinding them so that they can relax before I start knitting them into slippers.

I put aside the stocking for the evening so that I could get started on

from Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Toys . They are 12" tall and roughly rugby ball shaped, perfect for perching on a shelf or playing with. I expect that they will be virtually indestructable (2 strands worsted weight on size 5's). Bulletproof is more like it.

Back to the grind, then a 3-day weekend. Woo hoo!

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