Sunday, June 26, 2005

Things Are Tough All Over

I was just browsing my e-mail and thinking about all the things I would never buy from an on-line vendor. Things like Cialis, Viagra, Levitra (or any similar drugs, no matter how they are spelled).

I don't want a mortgage. I don't want to borrow any money, for that matter. I don't want software, or lottery winnings, and I absolutely have no intention of giving you my bank account number and P.I.N., not even so that you can transfer money to me!

I don't have an e-bay account. I've never used PayPal. I bank locally and never on-line. So all of you folks can stop telling me you're suspending my account if I don't write back immediately!

And for the record, I don't speak French, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish!

I don't have the body part that you've promised to enhance, and I do not want to see pictures of you naked!


hehehehe I always love it when they promise to make my penis bigger. I keep wanting to write them and say sorry, don't got one. I also want to write the ones who want to make my boobs bigger. What 46DD isn't big enough? Come on do you want me to fall over? roflmao Gotta love spam. At least it is better than the dang meat. hehehehe
I'm beginning to feel very inadequate about my penis. Of course it needs to be bigger if I can't even find it!

Now to deal with this vagina that I've had all of these years ...
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