Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Something New

Finished the hat, wove in the ends and tucked it away for fair time. Working on miles of i-cord on the fish blankie.

Take a look at these great beads:

That's 3 sets of "Just Pretending" jewelry from the Dollar Tree (toy area, not crafts!)--almost 300 painted wood beads for $1! And I have three sets! I'm thinking: little kid's purse? The only big decision is the bright pink acrylic (right) or one of the Elann Peruvian wools (left and top), felted. All three of them are "girly-girl" colors. All three look terrific with the beads which are yellow, hot pink, purple, orange, turquoise, and green.

Some of the hot pink ones have daisies painted on. Wouldn't they be wonderful on the toes of a pair of felted booties?

Decisions, decisions. . .

I do love the Tree!

Oooh.. love the beads! Dollar Tree always has such good surprises.
Purses are a great idea.
How about making some cute stitch markers for yourself?
Oh those are neat, they'd make great purse straps! Yep, you can't beat the Dollar Tree, we also have Deals which is the same thing but sells snack food too. Hey ya gotta love a bargain.
Wow that is a great idea to look in the kid's section for colorful beads! I can always use some larger sized beads in colors when I make my i-cord nametag necklaces! I add a few beads on the bottom to hold them down, give them a little weight :)
Maus, be sure to look in the "learning tys" section, too. I often find those big honkin' beads that can be strung on shoe laces.
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