Saturday, June 04, 2005

Safe at Home

This is the Weekend-of-the-Enormous-Yard-Sale in our neighborhood. The wife of one of the local pastors has organized this sucker for the last several years. We participated a couple of times, but no more. Between the advanced preparation, dullness of the day, being ripped off a couple of times (by the least likely suspects), the small amount of return on invested time, it just ain't worth it to me! If I've got "stuff" to get rid of, I give it to someone I know, take it to the Second Chance Shoppe, or toss it out. I don't even browse them any more. I have enough crap of my own, thankyewverymuch.

To put the photos (above) into perspective, this is a street that sees next-to-no traffic, even on the weekend. People don't park on the street. They use their driveways and/or garages. Let's just say that we are not amused and let it go at that. At 4 o'clock it will all be over for another year!

I've worked on the Knit Along sweater a bit (actually, I'm closing in on the finish, and ordered buttons last night). All that's left is the front bands, and I need the buttons here in my hot little hand so that I can make the buttonholes the proper size.

I really like the cabled ribbing:

Do I need to mention that this one is for me?

The premium book for the fair arrived yesterday. I need to decide what divisions I'll enter and get busy. The KAL sweater will be one entry. I have a baby sweater finished. That's 2. And the fish blankie makes 3. But I can enter up to 20 this year, it seems, in 2 different categories (crafts and needlework).
Your sweater looks great. I'm way to chicken to enter anything in the fair. Heck I haven't gone to the fair in about 12 years. Can't wait to see pics of all your entries. :)
The cabled ribbing is very cool. Is this the Allentown Fair?
I love the sweater. Good luck on your fair entries, of course we want all the scoop - pics, etc.
Dishcloths. I recommend entering in the dishcloth category, as I am not there to blow you out of the water.

And your sweater rocks!
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