Sunday, June 12, 2005

Raintree County

I slept late this morning. I got up at 6 to feed Their Feline Highnesses, then crawled back in and fell back asleep until after 9! Unheard of in the Sheepshots household.

Once I was up, I pulled on yesterday's clothes (too much info, huh?) and strapped on my pedometer so that I could walk a bit before shower and breakfast. According to the little numbers, I made it 385 steps. Too darned hot and muggy.

Great day to stay inside in the air conditioned bedroom or the cool dark basement and knit!

No such chance.

The Other Half had noticed this:

a tiny forest of maple trees growing in the rain gutters!

Since the dryness of our basement is a fragile state at best, and rain is in the forecast for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, he thought that perhaps today would be a good day to clear the gutters. I reluctently concurred, since I'm usually the one who wakes to the sound of water splashing over the edge and onto the ground instead of down the downspout, hauls ass out of bed, and clears the blockage in her jammies (way too much info!).

Yeh, it was a relaxing afternoon. Fermented maple seeds smell a whole lot like pig poop. Thank the lawd for disposable gloves!

For, oh I'm embarassed to say, a year or more, when friends woul dtry to identify our house to other friends that were going to be visiting, they'd say the house with all the little trees in the gutter. They are gone now, thank goodness, so they'll just have to identify our house from the 5 million birds taking up residence.
That is the best picture I have seen in a while, just wonderful LOL. I know its no fun to clear the gutters, mine are usually just full with pine needles, but your little forest is wonderful :)
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