Tuesday, June 07, 2005

On the Edge

Just time for a quick post.

Today is National Hunger Awareness Day. I'll be working until 9 tonight.

Started the applied i-cord edging last night, and after several false starts, I went down 1 needle size and increased along the widening edges, thus:

Don't expect another photo until I ready everything for the fair.

I reached the decrease section of the Turkish patterned hat:

Ditto on this one. I'm considering matching mittens. . .

Really like the turkish hat. I'm itching to do some colorwork. I have a sweater all picked out, but I'm wondering if I should try a smaller project first. Very nice.
EZ recommended making a "swatch hat" (trying out color patterns in a basic watch cap). I've done several of these (pictures of some are in the archives).

Swatching really is essential for colorwork. Get a feel for the way it pulls in before you spend a lot of time on a sweater.
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