Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Next Ones

Now that the mittens (first pair for the fair) are nearly finished, I'm casting about for what to cast on next.

I think I need a little whimsey! I think I need to get out the toy books:

and see what I can find.

I'd love to felt a big bear down to a tiny bear. I wonder if this bear:

(bears from an OOP Hafield booklet)
would felt to a bear-looking toy without my having to adapt the pattern. Hmmm. Lots of Naturespun stone left from my purse and big, brown, and boring. I think I'll experiment! I think I'll double-strand on size 15's!

Film at 11 (or in a couple of days).

I'll look forward to your results! I should be able to try my first felting (Sophie, at last!) within the next week or two.
Love toys! I'm knitting my first toy currently. It's a doll. I don't know what I'll do with it, find a home for it I guess, but there's something about knitting a toy, it just makes you happy.
Rebekah, I know just the CPS (Child Protective Services) unit that would love your doll. (Assuming that you don't fall in love and keep it)
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