Sunday, June 05, 2005

June Night

Some quick answers and my monthly 'fess up:

Charleen asked if this is the Allentown Fair. Nope, according to the organizers, it's the Great Allentown Fair. See:

I've found 18 or so categories that I could enter (assuming that I get my act together). I am not planning a blitz like last year! The wedding of the century (tm) falls right in the middle of my traditional prep time!

Becky in Iowa commented that she is chicken to enter the fair. Becky, you need to be sheepish (bad pun). Seriously, courage has nothing to do with it. It's just a lot of fun.

We go every year for a couple of hours to people watch and pat the cows. About 10 years ago, we wandered into the "ag hall" area and I was stunned by the small number of knitted entries (and those that were there seemed all to be kits). I signed up for the premium book and, as they say, the rest is history. I've entered at least 10 categories every year, and received ribbons for nearly every entry.

This fair charges a minimal entry fee ($10) which allows you to enter as many catagories as you want (different limits apply in some each of the divisions). For example, I can enter 10 knitted items in Domestic and Fine Arts which includes sewing and needlework, 10 in Art, Photography and Crafts (pictures, wreaths, Christmas decorations, pottery, woodwork, antiques,etc.) I could, for my same 10 bucks, enter my chickens, pigeons, and rabbits (assuming I had some), several cut flowers from my garden, a cake, some biscuits, several jars of jelly (see caveat re: animals) and a cow and a house plant or two.

In return, I get 5 entrance passes to the fair (worth $4 each) and a chance to win a lot of money (last year was my best ever. I got something like $22.50). Prizes are still what they were when the fair was started, back when the $9 first prize for a hand quilted bedcover would clothe the family of a frugal farm wife for a season and the $5 first prize for best rye would have paid for enough seed to plant the whole back 40. These days, it's about tradition and bragging rights. The grand champion cow or sow will go at auction for many more dollars than the value of her meat! Most of the needleworks prizes are $2 (for first) down to $1 (for 3rd-6th).

And on to "confession time":

Currently "in progress" (and on which I am making no progress whatsoever) are the socks from hell and the Aran vest from purgatory, on its way to hell or the frog pond.

Also hat for Ship Support in claret and navy Red Heart Shetland Chunky (acrylic/wool blend) incorporating the patterning from Vogue KOTG Turkish mittens (the cuff part) just above the ribbing:

Pair of slippers in the same claret yarn, size will determine the final recipient.

Fish blankie (no picture, it's in the washer) that just needs a final edging. The instructions call for a cr*cheted edge, I'm thinking applied i-cord.

Another fish blankie, this one in turquoise (ball band calls it "mint," but I don't!) and "marine blue" Red Heart Supersaver:

I should note that there are 90 ends to weave in on a "carriage robe" size one of these suckers!

The KAL cardigan (needs front bands, buttons, blocking and buttons--the three "b"s).

I'm certain that I am forgetting something. And I am certain that I will be starting several new projects before the month is half over.

Well, I know it isn't difficult to get things entered in the fair. Heck I don't even live very far from the Dubuque County fairgrounds. The thing is, I've only been knitting for about 15 months. The only finished projects I've got in that time are a series of knitted washcloths and those are going to be given to my aunt on Monday. Well I guess I do have some slipper socks and a scarf, but they aren't very good. LOL I've got lots of WIP, but instead of finishing any, I add more. :P Yes I'm blonde. hehe
Thanks, I downloaded the premium book. Maybe this is the year I enter something.
Charlene, where do you live? Are you close by?
I live in Audubon, near Valley Forge, but my in-laws live in Allentown and I went to Kutztown.
We should make plans tomeet! Maybe by the banana slime wrestling pit. . .
those are 4 b's not 3 dear. i would have to sign up for the premium book here, i suppose. will have to check it out (if i have anything still here by then, lol)
Yeh, but I said buttons twice. And I got a call from my vendor saying that the perfect buttons (tm) are not available!

Drat! Had to do a second choice.
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