Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Doctor in Trouble

At lunch I bit down on my nectarine, as is my custom (eat fruit with a knife and fork? I don't think so) and felt an uncomfortable sensation. Looked down at the bitten part and saw: Uh oh, a chunk of the verneer that used to jacket my front tooth!

Now, this tooth has been a problem since I first chipped it (at Dorney Park on the roller coaster, if anyone cares). The last time the filling broke off was about 10 years ago. The dentist repaired it, and life went on.

Today, the same dentist, with ten more years under his belt, took his best shot and did a mah-velous job.

Good as new.

No film.

I worked on the sweater that Mr. Bear will wear for competition. Sweet.

Film (definitely) tomorrow.

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