Saturday, June 18, 2005

Cold Comfort Farm

I promised to make mittens. Seven pairs. One for each month until November. I hate making mittens. There are 2 of them. And they have to match. That's 14 mittens all together.

Here's the start of #3:

It still needs the thumb. I wanted "girlie" colors. These aren't showing up true, but they certainly qualify. The MC is Lilac, the CC is Bright Pink. The yarn is Red Heart Supersaver (77 cents for 3 ounces over at Smiley's --lotsa other good stuff there, too!) . Fabric is double-stranded. The pattern is one of the newer ones from Cottage Creations: Mighty Mitts and Flap Caps . I might make a flap cap to match.

I finished the 5th 9" square, too. Okay, I cheated a little.

The 2nd from the right was knitted a long time ago on the Bond in a fit of experimentation gone horribly wrong. I found it in the bin where I keep my "charity knitting" yarn. It's the right size, so it's going in the box. Gail, feel free to not use it! Four more (or five, if I start to feel guilty) and I'll mail them.

And now a word from our sponsor:

I love to read! Almost as much as I love to knit. Nay, more! So much so that I frequently surprise people when they discover that I can read and knit at the same time. I did not practice that talent while reading The Kite Runner . I wanted to savor every word of this wonderful novel. I finished it yesterday afternoon when I could have been napping. Wonderful does not adequately describe the narrative, the scenic descriptions, the dialogue. Read it! Enjoy the language, the emotion, the history.
Thanks for the book suggestion. I'm always looking for something new to read! I haven't tried knitting and reading yet, but having read that you can do it, I'm going to have to try! The mittens are lovely, as are the squares.
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