Thursday, June 23, 2005

Batteries Not Included

And some assembly required, too! All the parts of the felt bear are knitted. I mis-read the ear instructions, so I had to make them a second time. The proportions look a bit strange, but I have faith.


is the makings of a superior bear!

And this:

could be the makings of another! (But not until I make a dent in my fair entries.)

I figure that if I put my mind to it, I can finish my dark blue cardigan, make another pair of mittens, make a Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus (have an idea there that used Cottage Creations' "Bridget and Paddy" as the base. Santa in an Aran! What a concept!). I want to make another hat, maybe a doily, and I have a couple other small projects in mind.

Now, it is time for bed. I was up all last night, looking for Ralph and communing with John (if you get my drift). I need some sleep--badly!

I hope you're feeling better. What a horrible way to spend your evening.
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