Monday, June 27, 2005

9 to 5

I just added to the list of jobs I'd never want:

Garbage collector/sanitation engineer*

Our garbage has gone toxic. Week-old meat scraps and cat litter, simmering in the summer sun (in a black garbage can). EEEE-yew! Hauling it out to the curb, wishing I had a gas mask. Or a hazmat suit!

To tease you a bit:

Mr. Bear before his wash and


I posed him in the same spot on the rug to give perspective to the felting. Again: 2 strands of Brown Sheep Naturespun "stone" on size 15 needles, using a pattern intended for 1 strand of dk weight on 3's. The only change I made in the pattern was to lengthen the body by about 4 rows.

I'll be dressing him in a sweater. No pants.

*Other jobs I'd never want: diaper service delivery driver (s/he has to pick them up, too), stable assistant, I have this thing about stink.

Nice bear.

So I guess you don't want to come out to the farm with me next week when I take 40 lbs of shit-laden wool out for a lesson?

It's been in bins out front for weeks, I'm thinking it's ripe.

This will not stop me from sending you a few hundred yards of homespun once I get it cleaned, carded and spun. I don't mind poo, but understand your reluctance to embrace the fecal side of fiber arts.
Bear was fulled, not felted. Felting is done to wool, fulling is done to wool fabric that has been knitted, crocheted or woven. ;)
Oh how about Rendering Truck driver (if your not in an area with rendering trucks, well they are the trucks that pick up all the dead farm animals, in summer often bloated - yuck!)Okay also totally not sure if that's what they are actually called because I can't find it in the dictionary. But you get my drift.
If anonymous won't tell Mr. Bear, neither will I.

Rebekah, I am very (way too) familiar with rendering. . .
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