Monday, May 30, 2005

Wake Up and Dream

Leah suggested a couple of ways to join the the little fishies, and actually, I hadn't given it much thought until I started putting them together. I planned a garter stitch join thatI learned (I think) from Cottage Creations:

It's a pretty join and works only when joining two garter stitched pieces side-to-side. All you do is join "ridge" [the part shaped like "(" ] to "ditch" [the part shaped like ")"] all the way along

the side.

I used the dark (navy) yarn and the ditch side of the navy fish and got a fairly neat join:

One thing I did discover while joining them, though. It really helps to be wide awake! Otherwise you risk joining some of them backwards (WS facing out) and have to take the whole strip apart and start over. Ask me how I know this!

We spent most of the weekend watching paint dry (except when we were slapping it on the walls, woodwork, and each other). The living room and hall look pretty darned spiffy. As soon as the new slipcover arrives, I'll take pictures and post before and after shots.

And I got a big whack of bedding plants that will go in the ground as soon as I finish digging out the weeds.

Back to work tomorrow.

I'm glad to see the ditch-to-ridge sewing works well! I haven't tried the side-to-side assembly yet, just head-to-tail.
I love the fish blanket, if my husband was still in the fish business I'd be knitting him up one, they are really to fantabulous.
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