Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Quick and the Dead

I have to work today (big food drive) and I feel like royal crap!

I seem to have caught some sort of bug somewhere, and every muscle in my body is throbbing. I spent the night wavering between freezing and broiling. Got up and took major drugs (okay, Allegra and Motrin) and I feel like I might live. But I'd really like to crawl back in bed.

I think I need to stop watching so many medical shows. On Grey's Anatomy there was a guy with sepsis from an infected tattoo. I have the same symptoms. Maybe that's what's wrong with me.

No, wait. No tattoo.


I finished the second Best Baby Sweater, this time in yellow. It still needs buttons.

I am making little hats to go with these sweet little sweaters. Then I'll wrap the wholething up and wait for July!
That's lovely!

I have start-itis this weekend. I need a new baby sweater in my life. At least I have hope of finishing one of those ...
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