Sunday, May 22, 2005


Who, me? Just because I put everything else aside yesterday and feverishly (literally and figuratively) produced:

11 fish from the Recipe for Fish linked yesterday? Each takes about 30 minutes :eep: which means I was knitting for 5.5 hours?? (Confession: I made 1.5 of the fish this morning.)

One 5 ounce skein of Red Heart TLC was enough to make all 11 with just a bit left over, so I am figuring that a scant 1/2 ounce will be enough to make 1 fish.

Of course, my mind is going a mile a minute (even though my body won't move that fast :cough: :wheeze:) and I am thinking: I don't have 22 half ounce odd balls of anything, let alone acrylic in good "kid" colors. In fact, my odd balls right now (in worsted weight acrylic or suitable blends) look like:

Yep, 4 of them. Of course, I could steal from my untouched stash (see May 3 post for details) and pretend I have lots of odd balls lying around. Or I could just use one of

and make the whole thing in two "colors" of yarn. Right now, I'm leaning toward the Canadiana (upper right corner) since it's a nice "kid friendly" variegated in salmon, light blue, avocado green, and white (and I have enough). But there's time to decide.

I figure that I have at least 5.5 hours.
So how big are your fish?
Mine are 6.5 inches from nose to end and I am using bamboo 6's and worsted wt yarn.
Great way to use up oddballs!
Mine are the same size. I'm using worsted weight on birch 8's (using my 7.5" dpns because the length is just perfect). I plan to use 44 fishies to make my blankie.
Want some acrylic yarn to beef up your stash there? *g*

Can't blame a girl for trying ...
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