Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Never So Few

My yarn arrived. Big box (30" cube). Lotsa skeins (82 of them). And one pair of needles.

Think multiples. Lots of multiples.

Think lotsa mittens and hats and slippers. And a couple of little sweaters. And some booties.
i smell stash enhancement. are you trying to reach SABLE at a young age? i know i'm there, lol. and i keep buying too.
Define "young" *LOL*

I'm afraid to put this latest stash enhancement onto the spread sheet.

My policy is: if I have a specific project in mind (and plan to actually make it up within, oh, 3 months or so) it isn't *actual* stash.

(That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!)
You'll be clothing babies till kingdom come!
That was the plan, Rebekah *g*.

Actually, much of it will be in bigger (teen) sizes, I think. Mittens, hats. You know. . .
It's stash enhancement. Deal with it.

If it's a gift it doesn't have to go on the spreadsheet, but if you BUY it ... dude ... you've had an S.E.X.
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