Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ferris Buehler's Day Off

Yep, once in a while, the house gets cleaned whether it needs it or not. To this end, I take a day off. And clean (sort of). This time, it really needs it, so I am cleaning for 10 minutes, surfing/knitting/goofing off for 15. I know that's not balanced, but I simply do-not-care.

Our primary was yesterday, and though I voted (voter turnout: 25%, McManus turnout 66%) I was not overly concerned with the results. Nearly every office open was cross-filed with the results a foregone conclusion. Nevertheless, the one candidate that I did-not-want-to-win didn't, and a couple that I wanted to see running in November, will. All in all, a decent result. And the Green Future referendum passed.

Sparky seems to have developed a new "issue." She has licked her belly completely bald which could be a reaction to spring grasses, or to the dogs-next-door. In any event, she will be seeing Ted (The Evil Doctor) on Friday.

And so, to cleaning. And knitting.

I challenged myself (and a few others) to make a pair of mittens a month for charity. I started my first pair last night. The pattern is from Cottage Creations' Projects for Community Knitting. I like that they are not "hand specific" and that the thumb gusset is formed with ribbing. Tres kewl!

I plan to challenge myself on the next pairs. Flim at 11.

And now to clean :yuck:
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