Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Easy Way

Responding to a meme is probably the easiest blogging around. Rabbitch claims she has never tagged me, though I am sure that isn't entirely the truth (see entry on 2/18/05), I will play along.

1) Total number of books in your house: I'm pretty sure I can't count that high. Do you mean on the shelves, or in piles on the floor? What about those boxes of "outgrown" kids' books waiting for hypothetical future grands? The drawers of my nightstand? The basket by the sofa? It's a really good thing there's a used book store nearby (see below).

2) The last book you bought was: At a book sale -- used. Or, no, wait, it was at Amanda's (where the owner was arrested, though 9 months pregnant for fencing used books and DVDs --I am not making this up). The title? Oh, there were 2 of them: Floral Knits by Nola Theiss (probably totally worthless, but so what!) and Pat Conroy's Beach Music. (I've read nearly everything he wrote after hearing him on Fresh Air about a year ago. I almost wrote to him after reading The Great Santini. I wanted to know how he knew my life.)

3) What was the last book you read before reading this? Well, I'm working my way through Harvard Yard (William Martin) right now. Before that it was The Rule of Four (Caldwell and Thomason) which was a "bestseller" (though I am wondering why), sort of a DaVinci Code set in the U.S.

4) Write down 5 (or 6) books you often read or that mean a lot to you. Brother! I could destroy my reputation on this one! Okay: War and Remberance by Herman Wouk was like reading letters from a dear friend in deep doo. If I Were In Charge of the World by Judith Viorst (the title says it all) has inspired me more than a few times! The Covenant (James Michener) is about a place I would love to see someday, during I time I would not want to live through again. Where the Sidewalk Ends (Shel Silverstein) just speaks to the evil, rotten child in me. And Toxic Parents (Susan Forward) helped me to move on (I really am much better these days).

5) Who are you going to pass the stick to (three people) and why? Well, there's hockey mom 'cause I'd like to know what another mother-of-athletic-boys reads to relax, Rebekah because she spells her name way kewl, and, I think I'll leave the last spot up-for-grabs, seeing as how I am coming in so late that everyone I know seems to have already done this one.

(Does that say something?)
waves hand, horshack style, going ooo, ooo, ooo! pick me, pick me!!!!!
I was gonna, but then, dk is one of the "cool kids" so I thought, prolly you had already. So, please, be my guest!

Wondering, do dragons read fire-proof books? Books of matches?

Please tell me and stop my pondering. . .
Hello! I actually did this meme last week, but thanks for thinking of me. I do have a second blog which I blog daily at the Salsa Sisters one is still fine, but it's mostly read now by my family. Anyway, it's http://knit-knack.blog.city.com.

Loved your answers by the way.
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