Sunday, May 01, 2005

Don't Look Now

We're "redoing." It's been 15 years since we painted. And the furniture is twice that old. I do believe it's time!

So I ordered a rug. On-line. Then we went to Kohl's and spent their money (a rebate from the rug, actually) on a new print for over the sofa. And today we stopped at Tru-Value and got paint chips. We won't buy paint until next weekend, then we'll spend two days swearing at each other.

I ordered a chair on-line, too. It will be here on Tuesday. Then it needs the base assembled onto the seat. There will be a lot of swearing about that as well, I think. Then we'll need to shop for a sofa. I feel so decadent. We haven't bought furniture in a really long time. The chair and sofa that we're replacing were acquired before we had kids.

I took "before" pictures, but they are so pathetic that I think I'll save them to post when we have some "after" to show.

It feels so "Trading Spaces," dontcha know? Actually, it better look a lot more like that show where they get rid of all the clutter and organize what's left!

I sewed the buttons on my Best Baby Sweater. And I finished the fraternal booties. I think the booties look especially funky now that they have their ties. Both of them are the same three colors, just mixed up a bit. Maybe I'll make a hat to match!

I decided to leave off the beads. They didn't add anything.

And since I was so very good all of Lent, I visited my favorite closeout yarn emporium and ordered an enormous whack of decent quality acrylics and blends (RH Shetland Chunky, Bernat Ragg, Cervinia Sorrento, Bernat Aspen) and some of the 77 cent RH Supersaver, all for "community" knitting (hats, slippers, mittens for folks without the facilities to care for wool).

I really don't like knitting mittens. They are fiddly and there are two of them for lord's sake. So, in the words of my Catholic school educators, I'll offer it up. It will be another star (or is that thorn?) in my crown. Film at 11.
You can take the girl out of the convent ...

Hey! How did I get all into confession and self-denial and shit and I'm not even Xian?
I believe that there's some of that in every religion or lack thereof. I like to think that we are all moral and ethical beings at the core.

Thus endeth today's philosophizing.
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