Monday, May 09, 2005

The Confession

My friend Rabbitch commented a couple of days ago that "stash is stash," so in the interest of good international relations, I am 'fessing up. The new yarn has now been added to the spreadsheet and this happy yarn faster has acquired an additional six miles of yarn.

Of course, I have yet to add the stuff I bought in Virginia Beach. (Remember the 8 balls of laceweight mohair?) I'll do that tonight.

Update: I added in the two "good" yarns (is there a bad yarn?) and it brought my total to 99246 yards (56.39 miles), 593 hanks/skeins/balls, and 92.18 pounds of yarn. Okay, Janice. You satisfied? I am such a yarn ho!
Mheh. Sucker. I haven't counted mine yet. Not going to until I finish my "100 things" either.
You'll be *my* age before you finish 100 things! :nyah, nyah:
I'm at 24 or something already. This year. And you're more than two years older than me.

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