Friday, May 13, 2005

Children of Heaven

Now that grandmom (who I suspect reads this blog) is back from the visit, and has seen these in real time, I can post this picture!

What do you give to one of the newest people on the planet when her grandmother is a knitter, too?

Why, booties, of course! An old favorite pattern in pinque. The things we do for friends!

Welcome to the world, Nonny! (I think there's a bit of irony in your nickname, sweetie!)
Oh, I like those!
those are darling! where'd you get the pattern? i'm doing a bootie blitz for a charity, and those would be perfect
Old, old pattern: Spinnerin (they still in business?) "The New Wee Moderns." It's old enough to be falling apart, but too new to be public domain (1975 copyright)
dang. wonder where i could find it.
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