Saturday, May 21, 2005

Calling Dr. Death

I seem to have contracted what is known in the medical books as a particularly nasty strain of spring crud. My voice is gone. My ears are plugged. And I feel like there's an elephant sitting on my chest.

Shoot me now!

Of course, it's a glorious spring weekend. We had planned to shop for bedding plants (annuals) for the yard, and maybe to even get them planted. And we were going to start the prep work for the living room re-paint. And buy the paint.

I suspect all of this will be back-burnered.

On a happier (?) note, I found out yesterday that the mom-to-be that I was making the Best Baby Sweaters for (expecting her first--twins--in August) starts her maternity leave next Friday :eep: so I spent most of last night finishing up and the earliest hours of today sewing buttons onto the second sweater. And here they are:

I see small flaws in each of them, but a toss in the washer and a flat dry should take care of most of them. The colors are not true in the photo. They are a soft yellow and a deep celery green.

And so, since I had so few projects actually on the needles once I finished these, I cast on (and finished) this:

to start my version of this . I'll be using up my odd bits, because I really like the way the photographed one looks, but for consistancy all of my east- (or west-) facing fish will be the same color (navy blue). I think that this could be my "baby blanket" entry for this year's fair!

Then it will find its way into the gifting box.

Sparky update: The vet has pronounced her "anxiety prone" (well, duh!) and upped her medication. Just to be sure, though, he took samples of her fur (like she could spare them!) and is culturing to see if she has some sort of "funky ringworm" (medical term).

When I explained about the dogs-next-door, he felt that could be the cause of the anxiety and recommended that they "meet" with the fence between them (bring on the bandaids and iodine!). So, okay, we can work on that.

Then, while I was paying the bill (don't ask!) the World's Largest Great Dane walked in. Did she cower? hiss? arch? Hell, no! She sauntered right over to that miniature horse and touched noses with him! The Other Half said she was inviting him over to meet the neighbors.

I suspect he's right.
am i correct in assuming sparky is a cat? nervous cats are interesting. my fiance has a cat that tends to vanish when she gets touchy. unfortunately, my cat just lays there and takes it, so my son was petting his cat, and she miaowed at him. i told him to knock it off. he kept doing so, and she miaowed again. i told him if he didn't knock it off, she'd get him. sure enough, joplin, who usually just runs, bit him. didn't hurt him, but shocked the living daylights out of him. needless to say, he's left her alone. she let my other son pet her though, lol. he let her sniff him first (i knew that kid had brains), and she ended up sleeping on the sofa next to him. cats are curious critters, eh?
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