Thursday, May 05, 2005

All In a Night's Work

Dynasty Brand Bamboo needles available only in 10" length from Smiley's in US 3-US 10.5. This is not a commercial!

I bought one pair to try and find them to be adequate. At $1.99 a pair (plus shipping), they are a bargain. Very sharp points, light weight, a little rough, but I suspect that use and/or a rub down will take care of that.

These would make good "beginner" needles for folks who need lots (for a class of kids?) but don't want to go the make-them-yourself-from-dowels route. I will be getting more, even though I prefer circulars. These are nice.

Warning: Smiley's has a $30 minimum and a flat shipping rate ($9.95). They will ship only to the lower 48 US states. There's no point in whining.

Double Warning: Do not follow that link unless you are prepared to be enticed by closeout yarns at very, very good prices!
Get thee behind me Satan! I cannot find 10" needles any where. I hate the longer ones, they get in the way.

I do need some summer weight yarn for tanks, hmmmm.
I can speak very highly of the Filatura Lanarota cotton blends in the $1.99 section, and the Saucy Sport @ $2.50 is an exceptionally fine deal. . .
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