Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Half Past Dead

Another long day.

This one started with a committee meeting at 7:30, then another meeting at 10, another at 1 (which conflicted with the meeting with the plumber that stood me up yesterday). Lots of time at the computer. Many trips up and down the stairs.

The day was productive, though. All is well.

I was ready to pull the car over on the way home. Just a little nap. 15 minutes. . .

Eating dinner helped. A lot.

Afterwards, I was able to admire spring:

And knit a little:

A very little. Like the last pattern repeat and the shaping at the top.

Now, I think, that nap would be nice, followed by a sound sleep of another 7 or so hours. Then I can get up and do it all again.
It's so hard the days never seem to get any brighter and one rolls into the other, I keep begging the Sheriff's Deputies at the Courthouse to arrest me so I could get some down time, but they continually refuse.
You could swipe one of their guns. . .
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