Saturday, April 30, 2005

Count Your Blessings

End of the month and confession time again. I spread out my WIPs (Works in Progress) and took their pictures. I am embarassed to report that several are still in the same state they were in months past.

And so, for your viewing pleasure I present:

The Aran vest. Okay, I've made a little progress, but the difference in color is becoming much more obvious. Press on, press on.

New cast ons. Baby hat on the left to match the Best Baby Sweater and a second BBS in yellow on the right. These little sweaters are gifts for soon to be twins, due in August with an early arrival predicted. Press on!

New cast on. Afghan for the fair. Pattern from Bernat Keepsakes and Lace booklet that was free with purchase from my favorite yarn pusher . The yarn, well-aged ABM Fluffy, came from there, too. I'll give this one away after the fair. It's becoming a very lightweight fabric with a 12-row pattern, requiring a bit of concentration. Press on.

The progress on the Knit Along sweater is slow but steady. I need about 3 more inches on that sleeve before I cuff it. Then the other sleeve. I am seriously considering an i-cord band on the front edge and either ties (like Wendy put on Laci) or a single button at the point of the V.

And here's everything gathered in one spot. In addition to the projects that were deemed worthy of their own photos, we have

1) The BBS from last month, still sans buttons
2) a pair of fraternal baby booties. The color doesn't show very well, but the instep on one is green and the other, purple. They need i-cord ties and some cute beads. Green on one, purple on the other.
3) The never ending (but it might be if I'd just start it!) sock project.
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