Sunday, April 17, 2005

Change of Heart

All the pieces of the little blue sweater are finished. I put it together tonight and have edited in this picture:

But I've already started the twins' sweaters 3 or maybe 4 times today. I had the yarn selected a couple of weeks ago (Red Heart Luster Sheen) and snapped a little shot (it's the coned yellow and green stuff on my April 3 entry.

I cast on a couple of Bliss sweaters, then remembered how very wide those patterns make up and frogged. I debated other yarns. I briefly considered using worsted weight and making a couple of 5-hour baby sweaters.

Here's what won out:

It's an Elizabeth Zimmerman design. The picture is from Vogue Knitting American Collection, but it's also in Knitter's Almanac. It was originally published in Vogue Knitting in Fall, 1990.

Such a sweet little sweater. A classic.
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